Sub Plans

As a substitute it is always important to come prepared! I have learned that things do not always go as planned and I need to be ready to come up with something to fill time or replace a lesson at the last minute. I put together my subbing binder, that has a variety of activities that I can easily use to keep children busy and engaged. I have highlighted some below:


IMG_1032[1] I have a few Math Challenge Books that I got while I was interning. I used them as Busy Work for when students were done their work. When I am subbing I just copy a page or two that the students can complete when they are done their assigned work.










IMG_1033[1]    I also have a number of Art Projects that I could easily pull out for students to complete if I needed to fill in a lesson time. I have projects for older students as well as younger students.









IMG_1037[1]IMG_1036[1]   I would also make sure to always carry a few books with me and some ways for students to re-tell the story. I know teachers have books in their classes, however, bringing my own allowed me to read a story that was more likely new to the students as well as ensuring that I didn’t have to worry about whether the teacher was saving the book for a future lesson.








I also carried with me Gym Games, Colouring Sheets, Dot to Dots, and other activities for students to complete if I needed just a short time filler.


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