Social Studies/Science


While I was interning I planned an Animal Unit for my grade 1/2 class. We explored all aspects of animals, such as how to classify them, their characteristics, and their habitats and environments. In order to finish this unit, I had students choose an animal and they had to write a report about their animal (a pre made page with all the information I wanted) and then they had to create an animal collage using paper we had made in a previous art lesson to show what their animal looked like. I created a slideshow of the finished pictures which I have included below for you to see.

Animal Collages (Click here to see the video of the final projects!)


I can not highlight everything I did, but we also took a trip to the Regina Science Center at the end of our unit and participated in an Experiencing Animals session with one of the workers from the Science Center.

I also participated in Project WET and WILD workshops, which are wonderful resources for teaching Science concepts.


Social Studies

While I was interning I did a unit on Bullying and Healthy Relationships. We worked together to create a list of classroom behaviours that encouraged everyone to feel accepted and included and respected while we were together.

We did an activity where we I asked the children to fill in a Body Shape with what made them special, and things they liked to do, and other facts about themselves. We talked about how everyone was special and how we all had something to contribute to our classroom. I would go further now, and add an activity where we introduce a “Bucket Filling” Centre in our classroom where students can go and write a note to a classmate encouraging them or thanking them for something they did that day, in order to reinforce Healthy Relationships.


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