Physical Education/ Health

Physical Education

I love Phys Ed! I think its a lot of fun, and most kids love participating.

I like to teach skills as well as play games.

I really like to use this book for my Phys Ed lessons because it teaches kids basic skills that they need to be successful in games and sports. It has lessons pre-made and allows all the children to participate instead of just one or two at a time.















I have also been able to use the Spark Phys Ed curriculumĀ in schools where I subbed, and it would be another wonderful resource.




In some of my student teaching I did a Healthy Bodies Unit, we focused a lot on Healthy Habits, learning about healthy foods, and healthy activities that we can participate in everyday. When we were finished with this part of the unit we made Smoothies together. I tied this activity into talking about healthy food, but also into a Math lesson, as we were in the middle of a measurement unit, and so we practised measuring methods in the process of making the smoothies. This was a well loved and exciting lesson that everyone was excited about.


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