During my internship I used Math Makes Sense primarily for all my math lessons. This is a wonderful resource, and I believe that it is a good source for math curriculum.

However, one lesson I am particularly proud of was when I was in my third year teaching placement and I was doing a healthy body unit in Health.

At the time we were doing a unit on Measurement in math and so I combined both and on the first day we practiced filling different containers and measuring with water and other substances, and then the following day we put that practice to use and we measured ingredients for a healthy smoothie. It was a wonderful and engaging way to show students how to make healthy choices while combining it with a math concept.

I also love finding ways to incorporate Math and math concepts into circle time, this is the perfect place to practice counting, skip counting, more or less, patterns, problems solving and other math concepts.

One book that I love, and am currently looking into ordering for myself is called ‘All Hands on Deck’ which is put out by Box Cars and One Eyed Jacks. It is a wonderful resource that is full of math activties that only require dice and cards and has ideas for Grades 1-9.


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