Language Arts

stoneSoup_jonMuthI am very proud of my lesson that was centered around the story “Stone Soup”.  I wanted to focus on predicting, and so I stopped every so often and had the students predict through writing and pictures what was going to happen next. My students grasped the concept, and were excited and willing to share predictions, which was the whole point of the lesson.

This lesson was a lesson that I taught during my pre-internship, and I felt as though I was finally able to relax and I was confident in my ability to create and deliver a good lesson. I had taken the things that I have learned throughout this semester and I created a lesson that was engaging, and allowed my students to practice an essential skill.










Daily 5

I love using the Daily 5 method for Language Arts! It can be used in all grades (with a few adaptations), and it allows students to choose what they are doing and be excited about learning, but it also gives the teacher a chance to work with individual groups of students and teach mini lessons based on what has been noticed in student work. I have been in classes where Daily 5 was well implemented and it ran so smoothly, the teacher almost wasn’t needed! This is what I would strive for in my class.


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