Philosophy of Education


“Mistakes are only a moment in the process of learning”

~ Paulo Freire

Philosophy of Education: My philosophy of education is based around one very general statement; Everyone is capable. I believe that students are all capable of succeeding in my classroom, and in everything they do. I believe that  their education needs to provide them with a varied selection of assessments, experiences, and opportunities for them to do that. In order for students to feel that they are capable of anything, inclusion, acceptance, and differentiated instruction is key. In my classroom students will feel like part of a community, welcome, valued, challenged, needed and included. My job as a teacher is to guide students through learning, they should have the opportunity and feel  like they are creating their own learning. It is not my job to give students all the answers right away, it is my job to create an environment where they can experience the curriculum in hands on and exciting ways. I will set my students up to succeed by getting to know them, their strengths, their areas of growth, their talents, their interests and anything else they will share with me. My classroom will be a place where students don’t have to be afraid of being wrong, and that they know that mistakes are a part of learning and growing.

To supplement my Philosophy of Education I have compiled a list of what I believe education should be. It is as follows:


I be l i e ve …

Students should feel safe and accepted in their classroom

All students are capable

Teachers are guides.

“Mistakes are only a moment in the process of learning”

Differences should be celebrated

Instruction and assessment should reflect the learners

The learning environments should be natural

Students need to use technology

Every student has something to contribute

Parents need to be included in their child’s learning

Teachers should use the emergent curriculum

Students should not be limited

In educating the whole child

Students learn more when they can experience  the content or the curriculum.

Lessons should be interdisciplinary

Students should be taught about others, and how to respect differences.



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