Classroom Rules

I don’t believe that we need to create long lists of do’s and dont’s for kids, because it overwhelms and frustrates them. However, there does need to be a set of rules for kids that set the tone for the classroom. I want all children to feel welcome and valued in any classroom that I enter, and so over the past few years I have looked for an easy to remember but effective set of rules for a classroom. I found an acronym that sums it up, I just ask kids to be a P.R.O in my class.

P – Participate, I realize that everyone has different skills and interests, but everyone can try their hardest and participate to the best of their ability.

R – Respect, In order for everyone to feel welcome in a classroom there has to be a level of Respect. This means that we need to respect others and respect ourselves.

O – Obey, In order to have a safe classroom, and a classroom where we are able to learn, children need to do what is being asked of them by any staff that may enter the class.


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