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Teaching Art To Children


I was just reading through some of the blogs that  I follow, and thought I would share this one. It’s a blog that was created by a K-6 art teacher who posts her lessons, resources, inspirations and more!


Deep Space Sparkle


A few thoughts…

Well, the semester is just about over, and I have been thinking about all that I have learned and experienced over the past 4 months. And the most important thing that I am taking away with me, is the importance of social networking.

I found this video while searching through Youtube. Enjoy!


I was again reminded, through a presentation of one of my peers, of a video I had seen a long time ago on Youtube. I am a music person, I spent my years in high school performing in many many choirs, and I have never lost that passion. When I saw the video of Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir on Youtube I was amazed, and wished that I could have been a part of it. These people were able to join together from all over the world, and participate in a shared passion. I hope to see more of this in the future!