A bit of reflection..

I have been thinking about some of my experiences throughout my university career, and specifically the experiences I have had within the education faculty, and I have come to realize that it is all very idealistic, and seems to be part of a ‘fad’. For example, in regards to technology, it seems to be for a lot of people a ‘fad’ something that they throw themselves behind full force, and then when it doesn’t work exactly how they imagined it, they jump on board the next bandwagon that comes by and forget about their previous endeavors.  Last semester I experienced this, I talked to teachers who thought that technology was an awesome idea, and they were all for it, when using computers and so on was a ‘new’ thing, but now it is changing and not as effective as they had hoped and so they are no longer putting much effort into learning how to use it effectively.

As I thought about this, I questioned my own motives. I love the idea of using technology and social networking in my teaching, I love how it seems to open up doors to my students, and how it can be an accessible teaching technique for many more of my students than just lecturing is. However, I question whether or not I will stick with it when it gets difficult.  I don’t question whether or not I will want to use it (I just assume I will), but I am questioning if I will make the time and put in the effort to stay current, and to constantly be learning and finding new and more effective ways in my classroom.  I am hoping that I will put in the effort and my intention is to do that, however, from my experiences it seems that teachers who start out with a good idea and with good intentions are not always supported and encouraged to keep going, when it gets difficult, or when their techniques and interests are starting to change and evolve.

I am interested to see what happens, and I think that questioning my motives now, will force me to decide once and for all what  I want.


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I am a Pre Kindergarten to Grade Three Pre-Service Teacher at the University of Regina View all posts by Aimee Cronan

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