Tech Task 1 – Introduction

My name is Aimee Cronan, I am in my 4th year of the Early Childhood Education Program. I was born in Calgary, Alberta, but moved to Regina when I was 2 years old. I grew up with both of my parents at home, and a brother who was adopted from Jamaica and is 20 years old now. My dad is a pastor in a small inner  city church in Regina, and so I have grown up in North Central, and feel more comfortable in that culture than my own.

I am currently working as a part-time Educational Assistant at Regina Christian School, which is the school that I just recently completed my internship in. I taught in a grade 1/2 classroom, and I  used blogs a lot in my teaching. However, I am looking for a more effective way to use them, and a way to get children using them effectively. I want my students to learn how to use the computer,and other forms of technology in order to become effective members of society.

I believe that using technology is extremely beneficial for students, because, not only does it add variety to my teaching but it also preprares students for the world that they are growing up in. If they leave my classroom able to use many different types of technology and if they leave with a basic understanding of various technologies and computer processing, they will be more prepared for the future that is before them.

I love youtube and other tools like it for teaching, and used Youtube specifically, extremely often in my classroom. I used it so much because it allowed me  to demonstrate a concept in a fun engaging way, and in a way that worked for many different types of students. I also think that it is beneficial for my students to learn how to post their ideas on Youtube, because it teaches them that they have something to share, and it broadens their worldview.

From this class I am hoping to learn how to use techonology in an effective way in the classroom, and how to teach students ways that they can use technology by themselves. I would really like to learn to make Webquests, and how to use the Smartboard. I am looking forward to challenging myself in what I am capable of, regarding technology.


About Aimee Cronan

I am a Pre Kindergarten to Grade Three Pre-Service Teacher at the University of Regina View all posts by Aimee Cronan

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