Teaching Art To Children


I was just reading through some of the blogs that  I follow, and thought I would share this one. It’s a blog that was created by a K-6 art teacher who posts her lessons, resources, inspirations and more!


Deep Space Sparkle


A few thoughts…

Well, the semester is just about over, and I have been thinking about all that I have learned and experienced over the past 4 months. And the most important thing that I am taking away with me, is the importance of social networking.

I found this video while searching through Youtube. Enjoy!


I was again reminded, through a presentation of one of my peers, of a video I had seen a long time ago on Youtube. I am a music person, I spent my years in high school performing in many many choirs, and I have never lost that passion. When I saw the video of Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir on Youtube I was amazed, and wished that I could have been a part of it. These people were able to join together from all over the world, and participate in a shared passion. I hope to see more of this in the future!

Education made Meaningful

As I was working on my final project for ECMP 355 I came across this video on Youtube, I love how this school has used technology that works for their students and maximized on the students interest and love of computers. This program may not work in every other classroom, but something will! There is something to be said for educators who do what their students love and are interested in, it makes education meaningful, and it will be something that makes a difference in the lives of the students. This is what all of us should be striving for!

Technology in the Classroom.

I have seen this before, but I came across it again today, and was inspired (again) to find meaningful ways to engage students.

The Teacher I Want to Be

‘The nicest teacher I ever had’

As I was reading ‘The Province‘ newspaper, from British Columbia I found a story that really inspired me. It was about a Physical Education teacher who had passed away, but was loved by her whole community. One of the quotes that I really was inspired by says “She dedicated her career to bringing the joys of healthy living, a sporting life, team work and generosity of spirit and time toward others,” I want to be remembered like this. I want my life to be dedicated to the things that her life was. I am inspired and encouraged that one person made such a difference in the hearts and lives of so many.

Charter Schools

I happened to watch a documentary called “The Lottery”, which is about charter schools, and more specifically, the Harlem Success Academies. These are public schools that run like private schools. They have a high level of expectations for their “scholars”, and they have a goal of all of their students going to college when that time comes. This documentary highlights the unfortunate situation of families being forced to rely on a lottery, a draw, in order to guarantee their children a quality education. They do not say that all public schools are doing a bad job, they are talking about certain schools in the inner city of New York, that doesn’t take education as seriously as these Charter schools do.

This documentary got me thinking, why don’t we have these schools in Canada? The schools seem to be a good idea, they name their classrooms based on what University the Teacher attended, and what year the students will graduate from College, they are making college something that is more of a reality and possibility for students who may not have ever considered attending college.  Yet, despite all of their success, and their proof that their programs are working, people are being convinced that they are a negative! I did some research and found out that Alberta is the only province in Canada that has charter schools. Why is that? Why don’t we have more schools like these?

You could be thinking that it seems to good to be true, or that it makes all other schools look terrible, but the reality is, that these schools have proven time and time again that their strategy, and their results are working, and they are getting results!! I would love to see these schools appear in Saskatchewan, not because I think that all schools are failing, but I appreciate, and agree with their beliefs about education, and about children. Schools need to change, we need to raise our standards and we need to stop teaching from a deficit driven set of beliefs about children from lower socio economic status. We need to start expecting them to attend college, and stop expecting them to drop out  before they graduate.

All of my questions are not yet answered, but from what I have seen so far I really like the idea of charter schools. Maybe someday they will be a reality in Saskatchewan!